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Introducing Viral Ads Sniper

"Instantly Find Successful FB Ads So You Can Reverse Engineer and Gain A Competitive Advantage."

We have created the PERFECT addition to Video Ads Traffic with our unique Viral Ads Sniper Software.

Viral Ads Sniper allows you to discover what posts are going viral on Facebook, Pinterest AND Instagram.

Allowing you to re-purpose PROVEN campaigns for your own business. You can uncover viral Facebook ADS too.

Inside Of Viral Ads Sniper You’ll Discover:

  • What ads are performing on
  • The best Gear Bubble ads
  • What’s selling like crazy on Sunfrog
  • Who's killing it with Just Pay Shipping Ads
  • The most successful ads in ANY niche, so you can reverse engineer and profit for yourself!

You can even spy on successful E-commerce stores to see All the
ads and posts they are running with that domain.

Viral Ads Sniper Grows
Your Business in 3 Simple Steps

Now you will never have to:

  • Guess what is working
  • Hire an expensive copywriter to craft your ads
  • Struggle to come up with ideas for monetizing
  • Worry about what designs are working or not

It’s All There In Front Of You

Got Concerns? Viral Ads Sniper works on both a PC and a MAC so no need to worry about that.

It also connects with Pinterest and Instagram for you to pull unlimited viral media for your business.

But That's Not All

One of the biggest problems we face as marketers is lack of focus and motivation.

Working from home on your computer can get lonely and our friend's cannot help when we have a pressing issue that needs help.

So, YOU will also get access to our VIP Mastermind Facebook group which is ONLY for buyers of Viral Ads Sniper. If you ever have questions, or issues, then you'll have exclusive access to us.

We'll keep you from stagnating, motivate you and give you a kick up the backside if need be.

What is Stopping You?

There has never been a better time in history than right now to make a killing on ANY social media platform. The keyword there is TIME. This is all about saving you that most valuable of resources.

For the first time ever, you can see inside of Facebook, Pinterest AND instagram to discover hundreds of thousands of viral posts and ads that are raking in traffic and sales for your competitors on a daily basis.

Unlock the FULL Potential of Our Viral Ads Sniper Software...

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VAT - Viral Ads Sniper (oto-bi)