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  • FE - Viral FB Video Ads Training w/ $2599 eCom Case Study: $27 - $47
  • Upsell 1 - Viral Ads Sniper Software + Private FB Support Group $27/mo or $67/bi-annual
  • Upsell 2 - YouTube Ads Mastery $97

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What is Video Ads Traffic?

Video Ads Traffic is a simple, newbie friendly method Adam has been using to make easy money, build lists and get hordes of targeted visitors to websites. Inside, your subscribers will get everything they need to get started right away. It is a comprehensive step-by-step video ads training for 2017 and beyond.

Video Ads Traffic is a new and improved version of a previous method Adam released back in 2015 which sold over 1900 copies on the front end!

It also brought in high conversions, made an average of $30 per sale and was 6 figure launch with many happy customers.

Also included in the FE is a $2599 eCom case study showing members a behind the scenes look at a successful FB ads compaign that made over 2500 in a month!

Video Ads Traffic will be sold on JVZoo and will include 50% commissions on the entire funnel so you can make $105 per customer AND recurring!

You can expect high EPC’s, excellent conversions, and massive value for your subscriber base.



  • We Launch on Sunday, 9th of April at 10am EST (7AM PST)
  • 7:00AM PST
  • 10:00AM EST

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You Can Take up to $105 to the Bank and Recurring With our Killer Sales Funnel!


Check Out Our High Converting Funnel...

Our Product does exactly what is says on the tin. The whole program is geared to allow people to get guaranteed results! The front end price reflects quality and jam packed content to allow video marketers of any level to learn and profit from our training! Check out the sales page HERE. Our funnel starts with the initial sale and launch price at $27 as an Early Bird Special which will rise to $37 then close out at $47. The sales funnel includes OTO 1 which is our Viral Ads Sniper software that instantly finds successful ads in so your subscribers can reverse engineer and have a competitive edge in their niche. OTO 2 includes YouTube Ads Mastery which is a new comprehensive A-Z training all about mastering YouTube Ads.

  • Upsell 1 - Viral Ads Sniper Software + Private FB Group $27/mo or $67/bi-annual
  • Upsell 2 - YouTube Ads Mastery $97
  • Take Home Over $105 +Recurring From Our Profit Maximizing Funnel

As well as our super profitable flow, you are also cookie'd right through the members' area where we offer the same incentives at strategic points to maximize sales. If that is not enough, we also add each option to our auto responder series.

We are here to provide massive value to your subscribers AND maximize your profits!


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Promotion Instructions for Massive Commissions

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Click HERE to get your affiliate link from JVZoo for Video Ads Traffic, alternatively use the buttons above and below. All our upsells and downsells will be automatically approved across the whole flow. Your commissions will be locked in at 50% for the rest of the whole promotion where you can take an easy $105 to the bank per customer + recurring!

Here are some ways you can easily promote using the tools provided so you can crush it from all your promotions.

  • Broadcast the emails (below) to Your Subscribers via your Aweber, or email service
  • Place your signature link on the bottom of your email and smart phone email
  • Create a YouTube review with your affiliate link
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Is this the Facebook Equalizer?



Tomorrow, I’m going to share something that’s actually BETTER than penny likes.

Actually more targeted, with more ROI producing power.

So if you’ve struggled to make Facebook advertising work, despite seeing ALL of the success that other people are having…

This might be the true “equalizer” for you – and you owe it to yourself to pay attention to tomorrow’s e-mail.



PS…There will be a $2,599 case study that’ll you’ll see too.


The Facebook Equalizer? (it’s live)



If you saw yesterday’s e-mail, then you know that a certain Facebook advertising “equalizer” is being released today.

In fact, it’s released right now.

It’s called Video Ads Traffic and it’s live right here:


This slick (ethical) method will help you tap into the most targeted, hungry audience imaginable…

And the beginning of the success you’ve only dreamed of to this point.

This site: [link] – explains the process step-by-step…

There’s even a video that explains how it works.

So all you have to do is check it out, and see if you think it’ll work for you, just like it’s worked for others.


PS: This [link] is responsible for getting results even STRONGER than the halcyon “penny likes” days of Facebook ads. Don’t you think you should check that out? Click here now:



$2,599 case study with silly little ads


If you grabbed Video Ads traffic, then you’ll have seen how Paul made

$2,599 with tiny little Facebook ads.

Not only that, but the method used to build up huge hungry laser targeted

audiences is super cool.

Leveraging the power of video ads and tiny budgets.

Oh, and you never even have to make a video if you don’t want to.

You can use these audiences to:

  • Build a list
  • Sell T-shirts/ Accessories
  • Drive traffic to your sites
  • Make CPA/Affiliate commissions
  • Build huge Fan Pages

Or make $2,599 like Paul did in under a month with these silly little ads.

It doesn’t hurt to look and you just might enjoy it.




He made his first $100 on Facebook yesterday


If you had picked up Video Ads Traffic, then you might have these results by now, too:


Luckily, it’s still available, and in just a few hours from now, you could be sharing your very own success story.

Because the training inside Video Ads Traffic is responsible for “equalizing” the playing field…

…and bringing results even better than the “penny likes” days of Facebook advertising.

The tell-all video right here: [link] explains how it works.

So check it out while it’s available for a penny-in-the-bucket investment (completely risk-free, too).



Last Chance! $2,599 with tiny ads?



The most powerful Facebook advertising revolution since the era of “penny likes” closes tonight.

You owe it to yourself to see exactly how it works…

Watch the video that details it step by step…

And get access for the tiniest risk-free investment in history…

Right here, right now, before it is gone forever:


It will close tonight, and if it ever opens, it will be MUCH more costly to get access.

Plus, in the time you spend thinking about it, you can legitimately get a successful campaign online and start making money.

So it only makes sense to click here right now and check it out: [link]



See all of the details about how to finally generate ROI with Facebook advertising using the most powerful strategy ever created. Working right now, for newbies, in early 2017 and beyond.

It closes tonight so click here now: [link].

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