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How to Script Your Videos for Maximum Conversions

This is the exact same script that I follow to create high converting profit-pulling videos. This script is responsible for making me over 6 figures from videos and you can use this script to create cash sucking – high converting videos fast!




How to Script Your Video to Maximize Conversions

  • Intro (who,what and why)
  • Presentation (features, benefits, WIIFM)
  • WIIFM = What’s In It For Me (from their perspective)
  • Use “so you can” throughout script
  • Close (what to do next)
  • Risk free

Make sure Call To Action (CTA) is included in video

  • Around 15 seconds at the beginning
  • In annotations
  • Could also be in final slide
    Best when you speak it and also show it

Optimize Your Script

Try to speak keyword for Google bot transcription.
Google is checking for keyword relevance in the audio as well.

Never use your Raw Affiliate Link

Ex: (Raw MaxBounty link)

If you are using an affiliate link always redirect them with a domain or subdomain.
Ex: ProductNameDiscount.com

Other Tips

  • Keep your script short (1-3 min)
  • Talk to ONE person
  • Know your prospect and talk to them
  • Is product for men, women or both?
  • Delegate voice over if needed
  • Show image of inside the product (if possible)

You can often get Free Review copies of ClickBank products if you email the product creator and ask.